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Francesco Smalto - 2014 Spring-Summer collection
02.02.2014 PARIS

Smalto is proud to present its 2014 Spring-Summer collection in a series of crisp and radiant photos. The bright composition of the pictures illuminates the garments in shades of beige, ochre and pale pink. Whether exposing to view a suit with a perfect cut, a knitted silk tie, a soft scarf, the brim of a hat, a delicate buttonhole or a tasteful pocket handkerchief, photographer Mark Sanders has skilfully managed to capture the essence of a colour scheme, refined lines, impeccable finish, of the lightness of the fabrics. Standing or sitting in both relaxed and elegant postures, the models embody the Smalto style : elegance in any circumstances. When warmer weather returns, a gentleman's wardrobe must remain chic and adaptable to all situations.

Global art direction  —  Photography — Set design — Publication —  Press campaign

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LWA - Shooting photo Smalto 2
LWA - Shooting photo Smalto 2