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Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais - Exhibition Joséphine, Musée du Luxembourg
12.03.2014 PARIS

The exhibition Joséphine organised by Le Musée du Luxembourg traces the remarkable life of a many-sided woman who has left her mark on the artistic world of her time. For the bicentennial anniversary of her death, personal mementos and major works from her prestigious collections have been brought together. Visitors are invited to discover all aspects of her life. On the advertising poster of the exhibition, a section of the portrait by Paul Prud'hon 'The Empress Joséphine in Malmaison park', is zoomed in to focus on Joséphine's face. The graphic layout of the poster reveals a delicate face with an intense look in the eyes. While a golden tiara adorning her head suggests her high social status, Joséphine seems to be daydreaming : the posture in which she is depicted is miles away from the conventional portraiture of the time. The painting is a perfect example of what the exhibition is seeking to achieve by letting the visitor enter the private world of Napoléon Bonarparte's first wife. The portrait was painted in the Malmaison castle where Joséphine devoted herself to her passion for botany. In addition to a brochure highlighting the scientific angle of the exhibition, a number of communication materials feature a similar graphic design, in a tribute to the complex lady, who was also a patron of the Arts and a lover of beauty.

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LWA - Exposition Josephine
LWA - Exposition Josephine
LWA - Exposition Josephine
LWA - Exposition Josephine