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Francesco Smalto - Spring Summer collection 2015
01.01.2015 PARIS

Studio LWA has been commissioned by Smalto to art direct the photo shooting session of the fashion designer's 2015 Spring-Summer collection. The artists and technicians of Studio LWA have created a thematic atmosphere on 'travels and journeys' for the photo set, one in which the model could well embody a globetrotter stopping off in a basic lodge reminiscent of a hut or a cabin on a steamship. In this warm, softly-lit wooden abode, travel bags, trunks and books keep company to a model clad in beautifully cut outfits, as a typical Smalto ambassador should be, i.e. 'elegant in any circumstances'. Studio LWA also photographed Smalto's collection of men's accessories : carefully laid out on the floor in a geometrical composition, as though just unpacked or about to be packed away on to another journey, scarves of light fabric, bow ties, leather sandals, elegant Derbys and Oxfords, ties or pocket wallets form a series of refined patterns. In this atmospheric collection of pictures, Studio LWA has managed to convey a glimpse of the artistry of traveling... first class, naturally.

Campaign — Photography — Production — Set design
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LWA - Shooting photo Smalto SS 15
LWA - Shooting photo Smalto SS 15
LWA - Shooting photo Smalto SS 15