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Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet - Nuit des Musées
13.05.2015 PARIS

Paris National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet - European Night of Museums

The Paris National Museum of Asian Arts-Guimet is celebrating the European Night of Museums in a video directed and produced by Studio LWA. With its compelling musical background conjuring an oriental atmosphere, the short film presents an entrancing journey through the museum, from darkness to dazzling lights. The beaming eye of the camera gradually unveils an enthralling dance of uncanny faces, shadows and sculpted figures, proceeding slowly through the exhibition rooms of the museum as one advances on an initiation journey, entering a new dimension, both eerie and stunning. A most inspiring cultural event for the night visitors of the Guimet Museum on 18th May, 2015.

Film — Teaser
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