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Studio LWA is a creative design agency headed by two brothers, Mat and Guillaume Letellier. Each brings his own artistic influences, skills, talent and vision to create engaging and visually rich graphic material in classic-vintage style, yet resolutely contemporary - with an undeniable Anglo-Saxon touch. Together they strive for innovation in communication imagery, aiming to offer the best solutions to their clients. 

The agency was founded by Mat in 2006. Mat rapidly developed a network of art directors, designers, photographers and film directors to provide the best services to clients across a wide range of industries. In the meantime, Guillaume worked in Paris on civil engineering 3D modeling projects, using cutting-edge technology for IGN, a public state administrative establishment providing geographical information. He also worked alongside large French companies, managing communication projects in the building and engineering industry (Aéroports de Paris) and the finance industry (AXA Private Equity).

  Then a fully-fledged creative agency, Studio LWA  moved to the art and craft district of Pantin, just outside Paris.
Always on the lookout for contrasting messaging and photography, Studio LWA particularly enjoys the use of oxymorons. Very soon it is commissioned to design  communication campaigns for large cultural events, producing widely-acclaimed materials for Le Grand Palais through a thriving and long-lasting partnership.

Today Studio LWA enjoys pushing the boundaries of creativity and know-how to follow its clients' stategic lead, it creates vibrant and eye-catching brand identities for both the public and private sectors. The creative designers and production managers at Studio LWA work together as a team to offer a comprehensive range of communication material designed to boost your business credentials.  

  Studio LWA has developed an international network of professionals at the forefront of  new technologies and present-day marketing practices. It is everywhere images can be seen, from logos to films to advertising posters. Whether browsing through a vintage catalogue or looking for a projector from the 50s on a flea market, the members of the creative team strive to design vibrant and attention-grabbing pictures.

They enjoy creating images from the past revisited with a resolutely contemporary regard, combining modern technology and historical references. They love blurring the lines between art and communication to deliver fully customised communication resources.

These passionate Jacks of all trades see themselves as picture makers and communication craftsmen before anything else.

Services /


With its recognised know-how and its wide experience, Studio LWA always starts off with a contextual research when working on a brand identity. With this in-depth analytical approach, the team is able to suggest a coherent brand strategy, via a comprehensive set of guidelines and a full development scheme.  


A visual identity must reflect a brand, respect its values, its history, and represent its mission, its overall spirit. An identity is created on the basis of what the brand is about – and not the other way around. It is designed to evoke the core value of the company, to emphasize its uniqueness. With its rigorous approach to typeface design, Studio LWA can either refresh or give a complete overhaul to an existing brand or product, or create a visual identity from scratch.  

When a new product is lauchned, it deserves our full attention. Consequently, Studio LWA takes pride in the in-depth study preceding the conception of a pack, always looking for the most eco-friendly solution available at the time. Each design & packaging project leads to a reflection on the function of the wrapping, its visual impact, the relevance of an avant-garde design for it, always bearing in mind its potential repercussion on the environment.  


From the initial suggestion for a communication campaign to the production phase, Studio LWA embraces a traditional methodology in the way it materialises what primarily starts off as a notional idea. The agency will develop your project and provide comprehensive follow-on services, from creative brief to shooting session to postproduction monitoring.  


Whatever the size of your business, Studio LWA can craft new iconic messages with an attention-grabbing and emotive content. The agency brings to life bold and inventive images for companies in competitive industries. Its motto is to develop clever, fun, beautiful and striking messages.  


Studio LWA can work with you throughout the film production process. For institutional films or original creations, Studio LWA will assist you in the art direction, the production and postproduction phases. The agency is the ideal partner to human-sized projects in cinema, television broadcasts and new media.


With its network of over 50 photographers, artworkers, film directors and sound designers, Studio LWA can provide you with a range of creative contents for the press, for advertising purposes or within an institutional environment.

Studio LWA's philosophy is to create for its clients digitally memorable brands with impact. With expert skills and insight, the studio offers creative and efficient solutions in full adequacy with your needs. From full-scale multimedia campaign to website design, the Studio's objective is to support and maximise the impact of your digital communication strategy.  


The agency offers services in architectural design solutions and rollout of visual identities within dedicated urban contexts and architectural sites. The practice creates and designs spaces in which visual identities and brand images in the market sectors of supermarkets and large retailers, luxury and events are presented. The agency studies thoroughly each project to develop innovative, beautiful and efficient systems, within the constraints of each project.


Our experience in the press and book industry enables us to create graphically striking publications. The studio will manage the entire creative process from conception, design and layout of the printed object to the design of marketing resources for communication purposes. The agency can also manage the whole print production process for you.


Our Team/

Mat Letellier

Creative director - Founding Partner

After graduating from Art School in Paris, Mat joined Vincent Perrotet and Gérard Paris-Clavel, both figureheads of the renowned collective of graphic designers Grapus. His career then took him to Edinburgh where he worked as an Art Director for design and marketing agencies. Mat has always nurtured a fascination for printed words and letters, he's passionate about posters, contemporary art, photography and more generally about cultural heritage.   Studio LWA was born out of Mat's multiple interests across the arts, which probably accounts for the inspiring atmosphere and intense level of creativity omnipresent in the agency. Meticulous in his attention to detail when he works on a new graphic or designs a new font, Mat has an in-depth understanding of what makes a visual message powerful, eye-catching and memorable. Thanks to his thorough approach, every project he works on results in a perfect balance between a compelling message and its graphic format.  

Guillaume Letellier

Film Director – Head of Art Direction and Multimedia – Founding Partner

Guillaume started his career as a research engineer, most notably for IGN - a public state administrative establishment providing geographical information -, then moved on to consultancy in the communication and new media industry. His multidisciplinarian professional background reflects his dual initial training in both Sciences and Arts. Guillaume has a genuine passion for anything that revolves around   the processing of images. He has directed the first-ever documentary film on 3D modeling and its use in present-day society. As a Head of Art Direction and Multimedia, he is able to incorporate new technologies into a wide range of film productions, from short institutional films, exhibition teasers or trailers for cultural events to advertising broadcasts for the luxury goods industry. His work is built round professional rigor and creative insight.  

Stéphane Hardel

Account Planner & project manager

Stéphane graduated from a top business school and started his career in Paris for Grey, working most notably alongside brands belonging to the Procter & Gamble group. Two years later he joined Ogilvy initially as a chef de groupe/Team Leader ?, then as a Key Account Director in charge of Nestlé Sources, Total, Disneyland Paris. He was also responsible for the communication strategy of the Ministry of Health. In 1999 Stéphane moved to London where he was employed as a writer and editor for a legal publisher. Over this period of time, Stéphane studied Arts Management. Back in Paris in the early 2000, Stéphane worked for DDB as an Associate Director,   responsible for Fnac and voyages-sncf.com. In 2012 he joined Betc Agency as an Associate Manager, supervising the international coordination of Groupe Danone's baby food brands, Danone Baby Nutrition, across the EMEA region. Keen to acquire an in-depth knowledge of digital practices, Stéphane then completed an MBA MCI (the unrivalled MBA of the Institut Léonard de Vinci, top of the SMBG ranking over the last five years), writing his thesis on 'Pre-digital brands in times of digital revolution'. In his private life, Stéphane is a contemporary art and design aficionado and has in this respect created the company Wild-Trophy.

Pierrick Cordonnier

Graphic Designer – Art Director – Partner

On completion of his studies at Strasbourg Decorative Art School, Pierrick attended a course in Applied Arts at Maryse Eloy School. Partial to the world of illustrations since his early age, he has grown a genuine passion for comic books – hence his long-standing interest in graphics. Pierrick has worked in brand positioning and identity building for large agencies   in Paris, most notably for Dragon Rouge, before moving on to Rueil-Malmaison cultural centres, where he was Head of Visual Communications. His outstanding artistic insight allows him to bring congruence to the visual resources designed for a brand. Pierrick knows how to create new and efficient visuals, he will breathe graphic life into your projects  

Laura Vander Elst

Graphic Designer – Art Director

Laura graduated in 2013 from the Maryse Eloy Art School where she developed a multifaceted modern graphic style. In her work she aims for typographical compositions with a strong structure  and messages clearly delivered. Previously employed
in a number of agencies and studios, Laura has a wide experience of different industries. Perceptive, intuitive and thorough, Laura's approach to graphic design provides Studio LWA's customers with solutions combining meaningfulness and aesthetics.

Julien Blanchard

Computer and Web engineer

Julien qualified in artificial intelligence at Paris VI University and subsequently worked as a researcher. His career spans many industries, most notably the banking sector as a Web Project Manager for Natixis. With years of experience in the computer services arena, he is now able to deal with almost any IT environment and language. Julien is also a keen musician, he makes his own instruments, mixing traditional   instrument making techniques and state-of-the-art technology. He can deal with Internet websites, just about any software, any application for smartphones or tablets, prototypes, art installations, etc. He thrives on technological challenges. Julien manages projects from the technological angle, he is able to select the most appropriate process for your project.  


Pierre-Henry Précigout

Business developper

Pierre-Henry graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (or 'Sciences Po') and holds an MBA in marketing for the luxury goods industry. He was initially employed in communication agencies specialised in the luxury and lifestyle sectors and also worked directly for brands.   Pierre-Henry joined LWA in September 2014 to develop both our network of partners and our client portfolio. With his strong editorial skills, Pierre-Henry is in charge of press relations. He also plays an active part in the LWA's creative output as well as in the company's communication strategy.  

Hélène Demongeot

Film et production

Hélène studied Cinema at Paris 8 University. She then completed her academic knowledge by joining the renowned FEMIS school where she gained a direct experience of film-making, editing a number of short films and documentaries. She further developed her technical skills by working in Brussels for a year in a Belgian production company. Back in Paris, she worked on the editing of a series of documentary films for TV channel Mezzo. She also directed two films for Mezzo, one being a portrait of the Modigliani Quartet, broadcast on national TV channel France 2. Over 2005 and 2006, Hélène became a lecturer at the Institut International du Multimédia du Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci. In 2008 she worked as Nelly Quettier's assistant (Nelly being most notably Léos Carax's and Claire Denis's film editor) on the documentary film Titouan.   Hélène also assisted film director Jonathan Nossiter in the final stage of the editing process of Mondo Vino, a film selected at the Cannes festival. She was the editor of several short films by director Xanaé Bove - shown at the Paris Cinémathèque for a retrospective - and two music videos by Camille Duvivier (Lay Your Head Down by singer Keren Ann and Forever Young by Sex in Dallas). Hélène was also involved in a number of art videos ; with Nadine Naous she travelled to Beirut in Lebanon and took part in the Paris-Beirut art installation ; with Colin Ledoux she was involved in a film for the release of Birds on Air, an album by For the Birds de Sir Alice. She was also the film editor of Gilles Bindi's documentary Philippe Sollers, l’Homme Lumière, broadcast on national TV channel France 5 in 2010 as part of the Empreintes documentary collection.  


Philippe Berthomier

Architecte DPLG

Philippe qualified as an architect from Lille's Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage in 2002. After a first experience in an architecture firm based in Paris, he founded in 2001 PALIS Architectes, along with three fellow architects. Over the following eight years, Philippe worked on large-scale projects such as holiday residences, housing properties and industrial buildings. In 2009, Philippe moved his practice to Pantin, near Paris, and began to explore architecture with a more personal   vision, developing a new work ethos based on close partnerships with creative designers whose disciplines are interconnected with his own field (graphic design, interior design, urban planning, art, etc). At the same time, Philippe worked as a consultant for Maître&Lemesle, an interior design company in charge of the artistic direction in the renovation process of Belambra-Clubs vacation sites. He was also involved in the development and building of new housing properties in Nanterre and Pantin.  



Shift workers /



Web design and development

Julien Villalard - Cube designers

Editorial design

Camille Le Doze - Aurianne Cox - Gilles Lamberton - Frédéric Le Bihan



Olivier Brandela - Mathieu Humbert



Senja Djelouah - Nathalie Senne - Lesley Wood - Agence Star - Fanny Beury


Turover Films


Graphic design

Mathias Ratié - Guillaume Rolland - Éric Palliet - Mathilde Dufort


Alexis Karmowski

Video editing

Hélène Demongeot - Fanny Decaud  

Director of Photography

Emmanuel Lakkari - Nicolas Simon - Lionel Rigal -  Laurent Rochette

Set designer

Anthony Fradet

Sound Engineer

Jean-Philippe Damblant - Virginie Valissant-Brylinski - Jérôme Harré


Arnaud Gallinière



Sound Design / Enginnering

Christophe Aubin - Vincent Villa 


Gille Lamberton - Christophe Aubin - Arnaud Malherbe

Motion Design

Yellowcat - Loic Gauci - Noro Rakotomalala



Virginie Sueres - SXC - Win tat Shek - Rémy Castan - Marie Hudelot - Patrick Tourneboeuf - Gérard Uféras - Nicolas Valois - Mark Sanders - Cyril Labbé - Alexis Armanet - Stephane Gallois - Juliette De Monicault


Stanilas Bouvier


Juliette Cordier - Charles Decoray - Arnaud Malherbe - Romain Gorisse - Hugues Fillaux - Charles Duc - Damien Romand - Tom Vidalie - Carole Roy - Nathalie Favaro - Arnaud Darré - Fiorenza Cavanna - Laura Vander Elst - Lana Choukroune - Irvin Heller  - Joanna Angola - Elyse Benichou - Flore Cousseran - Sophie Larivière


Workshops ans Studios

Zone Opaque Pantin - Studio Daguerre Paris - The printmakers Edinburgh - Studio Pin Up - Studio Day light  


Yves Charnay


Edouard Zambeaux


Recruitment /

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Internships Studio LWA welcomes art students from their 3rd year onwards, up to their end-of-study work experience. Internships may last from 1 to 6 months, each based on a mandatory tripartite contract ('convention').

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  If you are a Business School student, we're also interested in your application for internship to assist our Head of Development in his search for prospective clients. The duration of the internship may vary according to vacancy and need.

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