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Francesco Smalto - 2014 Spring-Summer collection - Francesco Smalto
10.02.2014 PARIS

When warmer weather returns, a gentleman's wardrobe changes : fabrics become lighter, colours brighter and accessories diversify. At Smalto, a house specialised in men's fashion since 1962, comfort and elegance have always gone hand in hand. One of the basic rules of Collector II is that even if outfits may be more casual in warmer seasons, they must remain refined and tasteful. Because elegance in any circumstances is the watchword of the guide, purity of line is what prevails in the 2014 Spring-Summer collection. The refined graphics and luminous composition of each picture reveal the garments in their best light; as the sun softly caresses the edge of a silk scarf or the brim of a hat, a light breeze gently blows over the shoulders of a model clad in an impeccably cut suit. An atmosphere of brilliance seems to radiate from the catalogue, in which you will find 'the essentials' a man will wear during the summer season. Collector II's cover,  adorned in a royal blue reminiscent of a warm summer night, has been tailored like a jacket cut for a perfect fit. Radiant and chic, this second opus is a tribute to the spirit of Smalto.
Dimensions : 16.5 cm x 24 cm
Printing : Quadri Offset on Condat silk 170g. Cover on Conqueror Print Excellence Diamond White 350g. Front pages on paper Sirio. Pearl 290g. Perfect binding / saddle-stitch 60 pages

Global art direction — Photography — Set design — Publication — Press campaign
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LWA - Smalto Collection 2014
LWA - Smalto Collection 2014
LWA - Smalto Collection 2014