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Musée Guimet, National Museum of Asian Arts, Paris - Splendeur des Hans
01.10.2014 PARIS

The National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris (or Guimet Museum) is hosting an exhibition on the Chinese Han era and dynasty, displaying a collection of rare artefacts spanning over four centuries (206 BC - 220 AD). Studio LWA was chosen to create the trailer of this unique event showcasing over 400 pieces brought together with the collaboration of 27 Chinese museums. Guided through the curlicues of a floating ideogram in sleek motion design, the camera reveals a terracotta figurine, a bronze cup, a pair of golden buckles, a delicate manuscript. In a second film produced by Studio LWA for the website of the Guimet Museum, curator of the exhibition "The Glory of the Hans" Eric Lefebvre talks of this highly creative era in China, pointing out the technical and artistic prowesses of this culturally, politicially, spiritually and economically prolific civilisation.

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