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S.L.A.M. / C.S.E.D.T. - Salon international du Livre Rare, de l'Autographe, de l'Estampe et du Dessin
01.11.2014 PARIS

International Antiquarian Book and Fine Print Fair - 2015

Studio LWA has been a long-standing partner of the annual International Antiquarian Book and Fine Print Fair. For the 2015 edition of the fair, Studio LWA has designed the global communication material of this prestigious cultural event held every year in Paris. Amongst the numerous exhibitors from all over the world who have come to share their collection with the public, this year the guest of Honor, Musée de la Préfecture de Police, will display their archives under the sumptuous glass barrel-vaulted roof of the Grand Palais. With its elegant multifold composition, the main advertising poster of the Fair takes us straight into what is the heart, the essence of a book, i.e. an object that can be regarded as a work of art. The compilation of dynamic lines replicates the design of a fragmented double page divided, multiplied then rearranged into an art deco style composition reminiscent of Georges Braque's works. This visual gives prominence to paper as a revered material and component of both antiquarian books and fine prints. Thus the 'paper spirit' of the poster brings graphically forward the identity of the two main parts of the Salon, with showcases exhibited by both booksellers and art galleries.

Visual identity – Art direction – Web & Digital
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LWA - SILA 2015
LWA - SILA 2015
LWA - SILA 2015