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Maison du Japon - Fiber Futures
20.05.2015 PARIS

The Maison de la culture du Japon, or Japanese cultural centre in Paris, is holding an exhibition on fiber art, an art form revealing the amazing creative potential of textile fibers. The thirty Japanese artists exhibiting their artwork will convince the visitor that there are no clear boundaries between art, craftsmanship and design. The Japanese cultural centre has selected Studio LWA to produce the commercial film of this unusual event  : the camera enters the world of weaving by zooming in on intricate woven cotton works, silk threads, linen stitches, then softly fades in and out as it progresses through the exhibition, unveiling a brightly-coloured maze of synthetic, metallic or paper threads suddenly taking shape into breathtaking fabrics and installations, all designed in the style of genuine, yet woven, paintings or sculptures.

Film — Teaser
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